Chamas Gets Behind Bundles Of Joy Christmas Present Incentive

Chamas Get Behind Bundles Of Joy Christmas Present Incentive
Chamas Gets Behind Bundles Of Joy Present Incentive

Beverley’s premier Rodizio Bar & Grill Chamas say they are hoping to bring some joy to children in the local area.

The Brazilian Rodizio on Wednesday Market has teamed up with the local charity Bundles of Joy and is getting behind their Present Appeal.

Nicola Tekce, owner of Chamas says that they want to help youngsters in the region enjoy a brighter , he said;

“As a mother, I know how much pressure families can find themselves under at .  There are many children who are less fortunate than most and we wanted to do something for them.”

“We are aware of the growing poverty levels and numbers of families who are suffering hardships.  I wanted to do something to help those families.”

 “We are issuing a rallying cry for donations of gifts that can be distributed in the local area. This will ensure that children in families facing crisis have some respite from the harsh realities of life.”

“All the team at Chamas are thrilled to be in collaboration with Bundles of Joy and helping with their  Christmas Present Appeal. It really is a brilliant incentive to and would encourage you all to participate.”

“We will be accepting donations from the community up to Friday 14 December. You can pop in with your  gifts any time you wish and we will do the rest.”

While all gifts are accepted there are some things people need to be aware of. The presents need to be brand new and unwrapped so the charity can decide how to distribute them.

Chamas will also be presenting anyone who makes a donation with a special voucher that will get them 10pc of a meal in the restaurant.

Bundles of Joy Founder Thanks Chamas For Their Generosity

, founder of the charity Bundles of Joy said;

“We were contacted by  Nicola at Chamas to say they wanted to help with our Christmas Present Appeal. They expressed their concerns at the growing level of child poverty in the area and wanted to help.”

“From the bottom of my heart, I would like to thank Chamas for supporting our incentive. I would also like to thank them for their generosity in giving people a discount voucher. It is so kind that a local business is supporting the community this way.”

Claire says the charity has helped almost 600 families in the region since it was formed. She also adds that their aim of this project to ensure as many children as possible do not wake up Christmas morning without a present.

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