Brexit Deal Proposed By Theresa May Will Be Backed By Beverley & Holderness

Brexit Deal Proposed By Theresa May Will Be Backed Beverley & Holderness
Brexit Deal Proposed By Will Be Backed By Beverley & Holderness

Beverley & Holderness will be backing the Brexit Deal put on the table by PM . This is despite 60pc of the residents voting to leave the EU in 2016.

, MP for Beverley & Holderness has publicly made it clear he will be backing his party leaders plan, a move that contradicts what many of his constituents voted for.

While it seems likely that the Government will lose the ‘meaningful vote’ on Tuesday, Mr Stuart will go against the ‘will of his people’.

The deal on the table is not what anyone voted for. Back in 2016 33,551,983 people took part in the referendum. Of those who took part 52pc wanted to leave while 48pc wanted to remain as part of the European Union.

What Mrs May has put on the table is nothing more than fudge, its neither in nor is it out. Basically, it is not what millions of people voted for, no matter what side of the fence you are on.

Locally those numbers were much higher with the leave being by far the most popular option. Yet despite this, our Member of Parliament is ignoring us all and backing his boss.

Everyone needs to understand something here. Mr Stuart when is he elected he is so under the Conservative banner. People know that by voting for him they are wanting to leave by the policies created by his party.

The referendum is completely different. It is not about government policy or party politics, it was about a choice. Do you want to remain or leave? Given the results in Beverley & Holderness then Mr Stuart has an obligation to do what his constituents voted for, and that is certainly not this deal.

MP Will Back Mrs May And Her Brexit Deal On Behalf Of Beverley & Holderness Residents

On Tuesday he will be representing Beverley & Holderness in arguably one of the most defining moments of all our lives.

Why is he choosing to back this plan an ignore what the people in Beverley & Holderness really wants is a question you will have to ask him.

Fall out on his own social media pages since going public with his decision have been tough to read. The outrage shown by many of the people who put in office has led to a number of comments being removed, or censored, depending on how you want to look at it.

Some have accused him of treason, others have branded him a traitor. There have been some messages of support but they are overwhelmingly overshadowed by the criticism.

We can only guess at why Mr Stuart is backing the Brexit Deal. I suspect it is a calculated risk based on his power base of loyal voters that give him a commanding majority.

There is plenty of speculation that we are heading towards a general election should this vote fail. If that is the case he will almost certainly win his seat back.  He may lose a few votes but it will be unthinkable for most people in Beverley & Holderness to have a Labour MP. It just won’t currently happen.

I hope Mr Stuart reconsiders and votes against the deal. While I wanted to remain in the EU, the majority of the people he represents did not vote for this, they voted to leave.

Graham Stuarts Post On Facebook Outlining His Plans To Support Brexit Deal

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