The Mystery Boxes And Roulette Games Revolutionary Combination – DrakeMall test

Revolutionary shopping systems have been on the rise over the past few years. Some designers and technologists have created some very new and interesting platforms where you can get your favourite goods delivered right to you.

The best invention in e-commerce so far has to be DrakeMall. This is an online store where you can get awesome goods at a cheaper cost – by winning them from a mystery box. Here you can get modern electronics and gadgets, , toys among many other must-have products.

Gone are the times when online stores had just one job to do, “To sell”. Many websites have products with their prices alongside them and that is just it. Some websites when offering discounts can offer maybe a discount of $5, $10, or an amount not too far from there. When the price is a bit too high, say $1,000, they may give you a discount of up to $50. Drakemall works the other way round though, the discount of $50 you are given when purchasing a $1,000 product from other websites, is the price you pay for the same product at DrakeMall! Sounds a bit of a scam, right? Well, with the DrakeMall test we have undertaken for you, we can gladly confirm that the site is legit and very secure. You want to go through this DrakeMall review page and then try it out yourself.

The Mystery Boxes And Roulette Games Revolutionary Combination - DrakeMall test

What to do before you open your first mystery box on DrakeMall

The first thing you see when you visit the DrakeMall website is its simple layout that is very easy to understand. In order to get started, you will be required to create an account by hitting on the ‘Sign up’ button which can be easily seen on the upper right side of the website. You will be required to enter your e-mail address and create your new password and your account is set. You can alternatively sign up using your social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

Next step is for you to get some credits to your DrakeMall Wallet which you will use to open the mystery boxes. You buy the credits from the company website and major money transfer methods are used. You can either use your card to make the transactions or you can as well pay through PayPal (by purchasing gift cards with it). One can also use gift cards to replenish your account with credits. You can get DrakeMall gift cards on Kinguin.

How to win goods here?

DrakeMall, unlike other online stores, allows its clients to get goods and products at unbelievably low prices. Once your DrakeMall Wallet has been successfully replenished, you will see a number of virtual loot cases which has the picture of a particular item displayed. The pictures displayed vary from electronics, , jewellery, gaming and sports equipment, etc. Should you click on any of the mystery boxes, you will see a number of related products which you may win when your spin. So basically how to win in DrakeMall depends on one’s luck as you spin and win a prize from that mystery box which is randomly selected by the system. The website has a special feature where you can have a free test spin to check for yourself how the process works. This you can do severally until when ready to take a real spin.

If you see a mystery box with a picture of an Apple case displayed, you can spin the wheel to win an iPhone Xs Max. moreover, you also stand a chance to win other related products such as the 4K, , iMac, Apple iPad 6, amongst other incredible prizes, each for as little as $50 (for one spin). The best thing about this website is that no one spins and does not win anything. All the items in the mystery box are the possible wins you may get when you spin, so you cannot go empty-handed.

That’s cheap, are they original products?

A variety of products are in stock for you to try and win. However, only goods from trusted and worldwide bestsellers are in stock for you to win as the company believes in only dealing with quality products and no fake goods. From the list, you can definitely find something desirable enough for yourself or as a gift to a loved one. You can get quality products such as the PS4 and Xbox for gamers, TVs, a Samsung Galaxy S9 amongst many other desirable products at a very cheap price. The company is still adding more and more products to their list of items up for grabs.

What about DrakeMall delivery?

Unlike other online stores, Drakemall has a unique quick sell feature which allows you to sell an item you won back to the website. Whether you sell it or keep it, you will add value to your Drakemall wallet in order to play more. Should you choose to keep the item, you can request for its delivery.

On the website, just click on “Request Delivery” after which you will be prompted to fill in some information such as your address. Delivery time depends on how far you live plus how long it takes to clear up with customs in your country. Yes, they do deliveries worldwide even to the UK.  In most cases, delivery takes just a couple of weeks before you get it. You can easily also track your delivery status using the tracking number on your DrakeMall profile.

Bottom line: is DrakeMall safe?

Drake Mall has indeed revolutionized e-commerce by not only offering quality products at cheaper prices but also making every process fun and adventurous. It is a very legit e-commerce platform which is also, most importantly, safe to use. A responsive support team is always there to help you in case you experience any difficulties, such as you not receiving your package. Unlike many other platforms, should the product be lost or damaged before it reaches you; the company will give you a full refund of your money. If you still have more doubts, you can follow their social media pages, or even other third party review sites, to see how other comment on DrakeMall.

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