Beverley Racecourse Pulls In 12,000 Visitors For Ladies Day

Beverley Racecourse Pulls In 12,000 Visitors For Ladies Day
Racecourse Pulls In 12,000 Visitors For Ladies Day

Ladies Day at Racecourse brought 12,000 to boosting the local economy with race goers spending thousands in the town centre.

A signature event, Ladies Day has been a fixture of the East Yorkshire ‘social calendar’ for 27 years bringing to and into the town for a night of food and drink.

Sadly some have jumped on the band wagon and been critical about the amount of litter that was discarded in the town centre, using it as a stick to beat the racecourse with.

Of the 12,000 who attended Ladies Day venue owners estimated 3,000 race goer made their way into town centre to continue their partying.
A bar owner said;

“Ladies Day is the best advert for . who came into the bar were from places like Selby, Halifax and Hull, that is money they are bringing into and spending in .”

“From a business point of view, August is a quiet time of year. are on holiday, they take their families so the money spent on Ladies Day turns a quiet month into a good month.”

“These come to Beverley and are intent on having a good day and good night. They are here to let their hair down and when they do that they are spending money.”

“It is not just Beverley that benefits like this. Where do the other 9,000 people go? Think of all the taxi drivers, surrounding villages and venues in Hull, they have to go somewhere.”

“Yes there is rubbish and some problems, but every year it gets better in the town centre with how everything is managed, and that something people really do need to understand.”

“It is very easy to criticise Ladies Day, but you have to look at the bigger picture and the huge advantages it brings for local businesses in Beverley.”

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