LIFESTYLE 2018 : Team Golden To Host Beverley Fashion Day

LIFESTYLE 2018 : Team Golden To Host Beverley Fashion Day
LIFESTYLE 2018 : Team Golden To Host Fashion Day

Charity chops in have given their backing to a fashion show that is being set up by a group of girls who are taking part in the Lifestyle 2018 challenge.

Jazmin Young , Libby Marshall and Amelia Sparks under the name ‘Team Golden’ will stage ‘ Fashion Day’ and Minster Parish Hall.

Explaining more about the event Team Golden said;

“We will be using from the local charity shops, all of whom kindly agreed to use their donations in this fashion extravaganza. We are delighted to be able to use Minster Parish Hall as the stunning venue for this magnificent fashion show.”

“Charity shops in who have backed us so far include the , Cancer Research, Scope, and Age UK. All have offered fashion garments, props and support needed to put this event on.”

“With top brands on show aimed at teenage girls, we think this will be a fantastic opportunity to purchase a new wardrobe modelled at the Day.”

Day will highlight the fantastic fashion available at affordable prices, rather than throwing unloved, unwanted clothes in perfect condition away.”

“We want to ensure clothes are enjoyed again and again through charitable donations. All of which provide vital services and support to our communities, our families and our friends.”

Charities supporting the event will benefit from any sales made of clothing at the show while Team Golden will also be raising funds for by selling homemade crafts, cakes hair braiding and nail painting.

Lifestyle 2018 is an incentive that looks to get young encouraging them to come up with projects to help the community and environment.

Team Golden will be staging their fashion show on Tuesday 21 August 2018, from 2PM at and free to attend.

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