Residents Views On Town Centres, Retail And Leisure To Be Sought

Residents Views On Town Centres, Retail And Leisure To Be Sought
Residents Views On Town Centres, Retail And Leisure To Be Sought

A study focusing on town centres, retail and leisure will be undertaken in the East Riding as part of the evidence base for a future review of the East Riding Local Plan.

has appointed WYG to carry out the work that will look at assessing and providing recommendations relating to the future of town centres across the East Riding, along with providing capacity figures for additional retail and leisure floor space over the plan period to 2036.

As part of the study, NEMS market research (an independent market research company) will be conducting a household telephone survey in the council’s administrative area to understand the shopping behaviour and leisure activities of local residents.

This will establish where residents currently choose to shop to meet their food and non-food shopping requirements, along with leisure facilities (cinemas, bowling facilities, and ).

NEMS market research will also be undertaking street surveys within the East Riding’s town centres to understand residents and visitors’ views on the centres.

Councillor , cabinet portfolio holder for strategic asset management, housing and environment, said:

“If you receive a call from NEMS or are stopped in the street we would be grateful if you could answer the questions, which should take no longer than seven or eight minutes of your time.

“The answers will be kept anonymous and are very important in helping to shape the future of the East Riding’s town centres and its retail and leisure facilities.”

The study will start on Wednesday, 8 August and will take several weeks to complete.

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