Golf Club Secures Funding To Restore Ancient Westwood Landmark

Golf Club Secures Funding To Restore Ancient Westwood Landmark
Golf Club Secures Funding To Restore Ancient Westwood Landmark

Beverley and East Riding golf club is set to receive over £26,000 to restore the Westwood’s iconic 200 year old Anti Mill, from a pot of cash paid by developers to support recreation and leisure projects.

Last March, East Riding ward Councillor, , encouraged local community clubs to come forward to bid for the money, known as “Commuted Sums,” which is earmarked for leisure and recreation projects.

Cllr Healy said;

“It was important to me that community groups in Beverley were aware of the Commuted Sums money, and that they could come forward and bid for worthwhile projects if eligible. A number of organisations got in touch with me following the publicity last year, including , and I’m delighted that they have been successful in securing some money for a really worthwhile project.

“The Anti Mill houses part of the clubhouse, and it is part of Beverley’s heritage. It was a working mill until 1897, and subsequently became part of the golf club. Last year the Mill was getting into a desperate state of disrepair, and the golf club raised sufficient money to repair the roof. However, this award from Commuted Sums means that a complete renovation of this ancient monument can take place, securing it for future generations.

“This project should enable the club to complete the Mill’s restoration, including the development of a heritage centre for the club and for the community.

“The money is paid by developers into a pot held by the Council, to be spent on projects like this which enhance the community, and I’m keen to see that it is distributed to worthwhile projects. There are still funds available, and any community organisations or clubs involved in outdoor leisure and recreation are welcome to apply, and can contact me in the first instance.”

Last year’s Beverley Golf Club Captain, Jeff Worrall said:

“ Beverley and East Riding Golf Club, is the oldest inland Golf Club in Yorkshire established in 1889, but our club’s unique infrastructure also brings ongoing problems of building maintenance. We have approximately 500 members, and the cost of repairing and maintaining the 200 year old mill and its ancient buildings, puts a tremendous strain on the club’s resources. In 2015 we held a golf competition, which raised £3000 and allowed us to repair the roof of the mill.

“ We are grateful for the assistance of Cllr Healy and the Council, in helping us to achieve this grant. It will allow us to bring the exterior of the building up to the necessary standard to withstand the rigours of the weather, and convert the interior into a more usable space.

“We want the facility to be used and enjoyed by all sections of the community. Last year we had over 3000 visitors to the club, many of them bringing additional income to the Beverley’s shops, hotels and . With help, our club is providing the town with a fabulous social facility which everyone can enjoy, dropping in for a coffee after a walk on the Westwood, attending a business meeting or a fine dining experience. The Mill is part of Beverley’s unique Heritage and needs looking after for the generations to come.”

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