Big Beverley Pancake Race – Make Sure You Enter A Flipping Team!

Big Beverley Pancake Race - Make Sure You Enter A Flipping Team!
Big Pancake Race – Make Sure You Enter A Flipping Team!

Big Pancake Race is now looking for teams who want show off their flipping and tossing skills for what will a new and exciting event to be staged in the town.

Beverley Town Council along with the Rotary Club of   have joined forces to bring the new flipping event, The Big Pancake Race to the town this coming February.

Suham Sidani from the Rotary Club of explained how the event came about, speaking to .net he said;

“We heard about other Pancake Races and so decided to present the idea to Town Council. Following that meeting the council liked our idea and formed a committee to deliver the event.”

“Along with the town clerk, two councillors and members of the we worked out a format and will be in the coming days looking to get teams and individuals to sign up and take part.”

Suham said they have run into some complications when it came to the terminology used, he said;

“We wanted to call the taking part ‘Tossers’ though on reflection we had change that!”

“The Town Council are hopeful that this event can grow and become a big event in the town. Now we just need members of the community and individuals to come forward and take part.”

“Races will take place between Angel Square along Toll Gavel going towards .”

who take part in the race are being encouraged to raise money for their own charities and good causes.”

Suham says that going forward they hope to look to use a crowd funding style platform to raise money from the event and also hopes that  The Big Beverley Pancake Race  will help raise the profile of the club, he said;

“Part of my remit this year is to build the profile of the Rotary Club of Beverley. We need to get out there in the community and see what they need and give it to them.”

“The Big Beverley Pancake Race, we feel will certainly help us build our profile in Beverley.”

The Big Beverley Pancake Race  will take place on the Sunday 11 February. Anyone wishing to take part in The Big Beverley Pancake Race  should contact on 01482 874096

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