Pet Food Specialist To Expand Into The Fruit & Vegetables

Pet Food Specialist To Expand Into The Fruit & Vegetables
Specialist To Expand Into The Fruit & Vegetables

A local specialist suppliers is set to expand their product range to include Fruit & Vegetables  in response to what they say is shift in peoples shopping habits.

, owner of the , says that more people are going back to traditional ways when it comes to buying their groceries.

Speaking to, Mark said;

“Over recent week’s friends and people I see in local pubs have been saying they are changing their shopping habits as they are getting fed up with throwing food away.”

“Before embarking on this project we have conducted a lot of research, people may be shocked to learn that they can buy fresh, locally, and  in many cases pay less than what even the discount super market chains charge.”

“When you buy fruit and vegetables in a super market you often have to buy more then you need and most of it ends up going in the bin.”

“How many times have you bought things like oranges and by the time you have got you get half way through there a some that are already starting to turn bad, it has happened to us all.”

His views are echo that of local butcher who recently launched an eBook in an attempt to help highlight the benefits of buying food from local independent businesses.

Mark added;

“We will be going live with the project on 14 December. We have put in place a local supplier who will be providing us with fresh produce to sell from  our shop.”

“Going forward we are looking into offering a home delivery service and also putting together special deals and boxes with the right amount of food at the right price.”

 “There are of course other advantages by buying local. There is less packaging which is much better for the environment, something we all need to consider.”

have already began to expand their product range. In the run up to Christmas with the store stocking quality Christmas Trees for a fair price.

Open seven days a week they trade from  9.15AM to 4.45PM  Monday to Friday and on Sunday from 10AM to 2PM.

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