Minster Congregation Present Unique Parting Gift To Popular Curate

Minster Congregation Present Unique Parting Gift To Popular Curate
Minster Congregation Present Unique Parting Gift To Popular Curate

Member of the Minster congregation presented with Stole that tells the story of advert sing characters from the Minster.

, Member of the Congregation spent  three months to make the unique purple garment that will be worn during the advent season.

, who has now left Minster for his new role in the Four Parishes in South Lincolnshire. He says the Stole will always remind him of the his time and the people at Minster.

Speaking to HU17.net said;

“It has been a lovely surprise, it is absolutely stunning. There is so much detail in it and hours and hours of work have gone into making it.”Minster Congregation Present Unique Parting Gift To Popular Curate

“This is the second one I have been made. My wife made me one when I was ordained as a priest.  Both have been made with love and care which is really special to me.”

“It will be brought out, worn, loved and admired while being a constant reminder of my time here at Minster and also the good ladies who have made it for me.”

Libby explained how the design was selected, she said;

“We wanted him to have something to remember us by, and it is a very definite Minster Stole. You would not get these characters anywhere else.”

“Joyce came up with the idea for using the figures from the Minster and we have had a number of design meetings over coffee.”

“Based on the St John’s Tapestry in the South Transept it tells the story of St John of Minster and how he founded Minster which I have used and turned into three kings.”

“It took three months to make, sewing 15 hours a day in a mad panic as Gareth decided he was going to disappear quite a lot earlier than we thought he was going, but it was a nice mad panic.”

 A grateful added;

“My time at Beverley has been fantastic. The parish is a really super place to be a Curate. It is an exciting time in the life of the parish they are getting a fantastic new Vicar in Jonathan Baker.”

“I don’t know if I could gratitude into words. But I would like to say a big thank you. It is stunning and every time I wear it I will think of them.”

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