FRESH Hair Beauticians Quest To Help Ladies Feel Feminine Again

FRESH Hair Beauticians Quest To Help Ladies Feel Feminine Again
FRESH Hair Beauticians Quest To Help Ladies Feel Feminine Again

FRESH HAIR and Beauty have a new beauty specialist, brings a wide range of treatments to the salon in Beverley.

Megan offers all aspects of beauty though specialises in Chemical Peels, Dermaplaning and is permanent cosmetic artist.

Megan explained more about her work and how she has evolved her skills following some personal experiences, she said;

“Beauty treatments are not just about waxing bikini lines and painting your toe nails anymore, though I do offer those types of services.”

“After losing a client to six years ago to cancer, who at the time lost her brows and lashes I did some research to see what I could to help other ladies as I could not help her at the time.”

“It was heart breaking for me to watch this lady in her 60s feel less of a woman. So I invested almost £20,000 in training so I could help other women feel feminine again. It is an amazing gift to give to someone.”

“I do a lot of work with people who have Alopecia and also work with ladies who recovering from cancer by tattooing on semi permanent eye liner, so from a distance they look like they have eyebrows and eye lashes.”

“Currently I am training to tattoo the Areola back on ladies after reconstructive surgery.”

“Once my training is complete I plan to offer my services to replace the Areola free of charge, we call it payment with a smile.”

“Funding this work, which is really expensive will be done through a charity that I will name after my client and put a portion of my profits into a pot to cover the costs.”

Megan offers a free consultation to all her prospective clients. Her skills mean she can tackle a range of issues including acne.

She says that social media has been a big driving force in ladies looking for cosmetic based improvements to their appearance, she said;

“Acne is another area I specialise in. Following a consultation I do a full skin analysis where I can outline what is causing the condition and provide treatments to solve the issue.”

“Vanity is a big part of the beauty business. People are all taking selfies and just want to look good. More people have these treatments as they want to look good as apposed to medical reasons.”

To book you free consultation with Megan please call 01482 870875.

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