Man Ordered To Pay £2,181 For Fly-posting In Beverley And Willerby

Man Ordered To Pay £2,181 For Fly-posting In Beverley And Willerby
Man Ordered To Pay £2,181 For Fly-posting In And Willerby

A man has been ordered to pay a total of £2,181 for putting signs up in the and Willerby areas advertising car boot sales.

Paul Earnshaw, of Castle Lodge Court, Rothwell, Leeds, put up 10 signs on the public highway without permission in May this year advertising the events at Racecourse.

Mr Earnshaw was found guilty of 10 counts of fly-posting around the East Riding at Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday 11 October.

Although he did not attend court he was fined £100 for the first charge and £150 for the further nine charges.

He was also ordered to pay £701 costs and a £30 victim surcharge.

The court heard a streetscene enforcement officer from saw the advertising signs on the side of roads in and Willerby in May this year.

Investigations led the officer to Mr Earnshaw, who failed to remove the signs when asked.
He was originally issued with a fixed penalty notice of £750 by the council, but Mr Earnshaw failed to pay that and the case was sent to court.

is reminding residents and businesses that it is a criminal offence under the Highways Act 1980 to place a sign on highways land without the council’s permission.

Unauthorised advertising placed on land next to roads can be an obstruction, nuisance or danger to motorists, and may even contribute to road accidents, therefore the council has a duty to act.
The council can issue a £75 fixed penalty notice for each illegal sign or poster.

If a case is heard in court anyone found guilty of fly-posting could be fined up to £2,500.
The council may also remove all signs and the costs incurred can be recovered from the person responsible.

Mike Featherby, head of streetscene services at , said:

“We have a duty to investigate any signs put up on the highway without permission as they could be a hazard to motorists.”

All advertising should take place on private land but may be subject to planning restrictions. Advice can be given by the council’s planning department.

For more information on fly-posting, or to report fly-posting, visit the council’s website and search for ‘fly-posting’.

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