Society Announces Charity Of The Month Is The Daisy Appeal

Society Announces Charity Of The Month Is The Daisy Appeal
Society Announces Charity Of The Month Is

After another successful turnout of voters in the Beverley Building Society branch, the September Charity of the Month has been announced as the Daisy Appeal.

Established since 2000, the Daisy Appeal has built an £8m research centre and the £4.5m Jack Brignall PET-CT Scanning Centre which are both based at the Site.

The aim of the charity is to fund research, equipment and facilities in order to give people a quicker and more accurate diagnosis for cancer, heart disease and dementia.

who is a Trustee for the Daisy Appeal visited the Society, Karen said:

“We would like to thank the staff and customers of Beverley Building society for their support of The Daisy Appeal.”

“The donation of £250 really does help towards the completion of the current project which is the construction of the £7.2m Cyclotron and Radiopharmacy Unit sited next to the existing scanning centre.”

“The cyclotron will give the capacity to create the radiotracers as they are needed, making the facility able to detect the early signs of cancer, cardiovascular disease and dementia.”

“Until now such imaging has only been possible in a selective research environment. The aim is to make the technology available to all patients in the East Riding and Northern Lincolnshire, thereby improving their clinical care.”

“The charity is working with scientific colleagues at the and the facility has the opportunity to become the leading UK site for this new technology.”

“In excess of £18m has been raised since the charity started in 2002 and it is on course to raise a further £1.6m to complete this final phase in the development.”

, Marketing Manager at the Beverley Building Society said;

“The facilities that the Daisy Appeal have enabled to be built are saving and improving the quality of people’s lives in the local community. I think that the work they do is great and I especially love the ceramic daisies!”

The Daisy Appeal are selling handcrafted ceramic daisies, for a mere £15, all of the monies raised will go to the appeal and help fund the current project. If you are interested in purchasing a daisy, visit the Daisy Appeal website.

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