Village Pubs Around Beverley Are Invited To Connect To Free WiFi

Village Pubs Around Beverley Are Invited To Connect To Free WiFi
Village Pubs Around Are Invited To Connect To Free WiFi

Following on from the Superfast launch, is offering village pubs around the town, FREE wireless internet connections.

Customers and staff can use the superfast connection in their public areas, with welcoming enquiries from landlords and pub-goers to take part in its ‘’ campaign.

Zoe Burdass, Landlady of St Quintin Arms in Harpham is one happy customer who is delighted with her connection following a failed service via traditional telecoms. She says:

“I heard about just over a year ago and they confirmed they had coverage in this area already. I would say 90% of our customers use smart devices in the pub and guest rooms and they can now use the wifi freely without being disconnected or experiencing any buffering and interruptions.”

“Many of our guests are involved in the agricultural industry and include sales people and farm inspectors who are required to make reports and send information by email and through web portals. Our old BT connection was so appalling we couldn’t even send an email and web portals were inaccessible. Now we have no issues at all and our holiday guests are able to stream films and music.”

offers a fantastic service, their support team is always on hand should we need it and we can also take advantage of their refer a friend scheme which gives us money off our bill. We choose to live in a rural area and prior to , a lack of internet came part and parcel with that choice but, we no longer have to accept it, giving us huge opportunities. With we are getting excellent connection speeds and I would recommend anyone living within their vast coverage area to make the call.”

, Head of Sales at says:

“A small device on the roof of the property beams a signal to the nearest mast site, making our service more cost effective than fibre and, because of the way our technology works, we are able to support and thousands of our customers can now work from home and run businesses in the countryside, benefitting from superfast broadband at the same time.”

“Villagers who work from home can visit the pub to catch up on their emails and search the Internet whilst enjoying a drink or a bite to eat. We are welcoming people to join us on social media and invite pub landlords and their customers to advertise their new, FREE wifi service in this way. can be found @QuicklineUK on both Twitter and Facebook.”

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