Plane Crash Survivor Backs Graham Stuart In 2017 Election

Plane Crash Survivor Backs Graham Stuart In 2017 Election
Plane Crash Survivor Backs Graham Stuart In 2017 Election

was one of many people in Beverley, who this afternoon were happy to take a free balloon to show his support for the Conservative Party candidate Graham Stuart.

Mr. Thompson who lives life on the edge collected his free balloon and tied it to the handle bars of his push bike and was delighted to pose for photos.

Some 8 years ago Mr. Thompson who survived a plane crash after trekking in the Himalayas said Graham is the only man for him adding he could count on his vote.

Mr. Stuart said he was honoured to be re-selected to fight for his seat asking for the community to give him another five years, so he could carry on his work in the community, adding this election was about strong and stable leadership.

Voters go to the poll on 8 June when they will get to choose the government who will lead the country through what many are predicting will be a difficult period of negotiations.

Mr. Stuart is the odds-on favourite to retain his seat in Beverley & Holderness with Labour needing to overturn 12,000 majority if they are to cause an upset.

Despite hard-line policies, support for Mr. Stuart remains strong in the community who feel he is the most suitable person for the job.

Other candidates standing in the election are – Labour, Denis Healy – Liberal Democrats, Lee Walton – Yorkshire Party and Richard Howarth – Green Party.

National polls released earlier in the week show that Labour are closing the gap on the Conservatives Party indicating that the outcome is no longer on one-horse race.

Recent visits to the region from high profile politicians, including the Jeremy Corbyn have helped capture the imagination of the young voters who, if they turn out to vote will play a key role.

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  1. Your article “plane crash survivor on why he is backing Graham Stuart”. I was standing opposite the Tory street stall supporting the Labour party. I do not recall you asking any of us when you took our photograph, very hastily, why we supporting Labour. Had you have done so, I could have given you an equally heart render personal story. The article reflects the political bias your magazine has also had.

  2. Graham Stuart has slavishly followed the Governments line, even on policies and budgets that are damaging to local services, NHS provision and our schools budgets. His voting record shows he votes for the Govt regardless of the impact on his constituents. I’d like to pop all his balloons !

  3. Hi Janet – I had already spoken to a Labour supporter who was introduced to me by George McManus. May I also draw your attention to this link where you will find an over whelming number of articles of the current election which include Jeremy Corbyn’s visit to Hull, and three interviews with people who all outlined their reasons for voting Labour.

    I am sorry you think we are ‘right wing’ bias – it is something I would dispute though you are of course entiled to your own view

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