TASL To Provide Non-Emergency Medical Transport Services In Hull

TASL To Provide Non-Emergency Medical Transport Services In Hull
TASL To Provide Non-Emergency Medical Transport Services In Hull

TASL is pleased to announce that it is the city’s new provider of non-emergency medical transport service for patients registered with a Hull GP. TASL will provide a fully patient-centred service with a focus on safety, timeliness, comfort and wellbeing.

TASL has been actively working with (CCG) to ensure a seamless transfer of services with journeys from 1 April already transferred into TASL’s booking systems.

TASL is delighted that thirty-three former Yorkshire Ambulance Service staff will transfer across to the company to be joined by six newly recruited colleagues.

The skills, experience and local knowledge of the transferring colleagues will help ensure continuity of high quality care and wellbeing. TASL has assured the transferring staff of the company’s commitment to maintain their NHS terms and conditions of .

Lee Barham, Chief Executive Officer of TASL, said,

“We look forward to providing Hull GP registered patients with the service they require for their medical transportation needs.”

“We have prepared thoroughly and are confident that we can deliver a service that is patient centred reassuringly safe and convenient from day one.”

“Our experienced and well trained team is already familiar with the care needs of the service users and the local area. In addition, we believe we can deliver real benefits to service users through our innovative technological solutions.”

, ’s Director of Integrated Commissioning, said:

“Around 4,000 non-emergency medical transport journeys are made each month in Hull, mainly for patients receiving renal dialysis or cancer treatment. The CCG’s focus has always been on ensuring the highest standards for the patients who rely on this essential transport service.

“Our vision is for service users to be much more in control and better informed of appointment and waiting times for collection and taking home, helping plan their health care appointments much more easily around their daily lives.”

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