Child Sexual Exploitation Awareness Events At Paragon Interchange

Humberside Police

are teaming up and other local partners as part of a campaign to raise awareness about child sexual exploitation and identify children at risk.

As of Wednesday 15 March officers from both forces will be taking the opportunity to educate young in stations with information about the signs and risks, in the hope that this will arm them with the knowledge to protect themselves from being susceptible to the risk of grooming.

DCI of said:

“Child sexual exploitation is an incredibly complex issue that affects the most vulnerable within our community. For this reason it is a priority for the force, not only to identify and support victims, but also to bringing those responsible for abusing them to justice.

“The week of action at Paragon Interchange with the and other local agencies gives us a great platform to raise awareness in issues surrounding child sexual exploitation, whether it is the subtle warning signs of exploitation including grooming through the internet, recording of invaluable local intelligence about suspicious activity or even supporting those affected by abuse.

“The key message to the wider community is to report anything they think looks suspicious or out of place.”

“This could be adults appearing to have inappropriate relationships with a child, adults regularly being in the company of children or being visited by them at home or even drivers pulling over to speaking to children. In these scenarios your call could be vital, so please call 101 – you could prevent a child being exploited.”

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