Vast Sums Of Cash For Local Projects Is Just Waiting To Be Claimed

Vast Sums Of Cash For Local Projects Is Just Waiting To Be Claimed
Vast Sums Of Cash For Local Projects Is Just Waiting To Be Claimed

Cllr. has revealed that East Riding Council is holding nearly £450,000 received from developers who have built houses in Molescroft, which it needs to spend on community projects.

Cllr Healy says these figures have been kept away from the public though since his election and now he is the only non Conservative councillor is happy to share these figures with the public so they can stake their claim.

The developers have a legal obligation to do this under the Town and Country Planning Act, so are motivated by complying with legislation rather than any philanthropic reasons.

With over 3000 new houses in the Council’s plan for over the next 12 years, these developers will be required to pay around £6m for the benefit of communities, and this money is already flowing though and being spent.

Cllr. Healy explained:

“When a developer builds houses, it is required to pay a sum of money, called a “Commuted Sum,” for each house they build, into a pot managed by the Council. The money should be spent on children’s play, sport or active recreation for the benefit of the community.

“The exact amount developers pay is calculated on the size of each house, but on average it’s roughly around £2000 per house.

“The Council holds these sums of money, and is required to consult with interested parties before determining which projects should get the money. This week, ward Councillors from met with the Council’s Commuted Sums Officer, and we were told about some of the projects that have already benefited from Commuted Sums funding.”

“These include £120,000 towards new changing rooms on Molescroft Carr Playing Fields for Braves Club, £65,000 for pitch improvements at Town Football Club on Norwood, £45,000 for a new clubhouse for Town cricket club and £57,000 to be spent on the play area.”

“We were also told that the East Riding Council is sitting on £447,000 of funding, from money received from developers who have built houses in Molescroft, plus a further £61,000 which is to be spent on projects within 2 miles of .”

“The parish council in Molescroft is hoping to get money for an extension to which is being increasingly used by community groups, but there is still a lot of money to allocate, and I am asking local residents to come forward with ideas.”

“Developers have an obligation to provide money to fund recreation and play, and in my opinion, residents should have a say in how the money is spent. To do so they should contact their ward Councillor.”

“I would be pleased to hear from residents living in St Mary’s ward on any ideas they may have for projects relating to children’s play, sport or active recreation. I can then put these forward for consideration if they meet the criteria. The ideas should relate to children’s play, sport or active recreation.”

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