New Banners Could Help Link Flemingate and Town Centre

New Banners Could Help Link Flemingate and Town Centre
New Banners Could Help Link and Town Centre

Plans for new banners that will help enhance the link between and  have been presented to Councillors at .

, Property Director at the Wykeland Group put forward plans that would see a number of lamp post banners installed to help join the two locations.

A similar scheme has already proved popular after banners were installed to promote the Georgian Quarter to help drive footfall to traders on the edge of the town, something this scheme is looking to replicate.

The banners , if approved by planning, will be strategically placed in five locations between the complex and and will be in the green and black colour scheme.

During his presentation Mr Donkin said;

“The idea is to reinforce the route between and the town centre following the competition of a new crossing point on .”

“Having the banners will help people pass between the two locations. They can park at Flemingate and they can follow the route into the town centre and from the town centre do the same so that the two connect.”

“Following consultations with planning officers it has helped us cut down on the number of banners and simplify what we have got on the banners that will placed 2 to 5 meters above the ground.”

In response to his proposals Cllr said that the access currently for pedestrians between to the two sites was poor. He also pointed out that not all the routes between to the two were factored in on the proposal.

Cllr said he felt that their application would be passed to the Town Council from which he said is where it belongs.

The five banners that were put forward would be located on Armstrongs Way, , Trinity Lane and in .

Ongoing efforts to integrate Flemingate with the town centre include the free shuttle bus that carries shoppers around the town on Saturday and also incorporating the site into other establish local events.

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