Peacock Challenged To Show ‘courage’ Of His Convictions

Peacock Challenged To Show 'courage' Of His Convictions
Peacock Challenged To Show ‘courage’ Of His Convictions

Disgraced Former Tory Councillor is in the news again following his claims that he’s been overwhelmed with support from colleagues and constituents.

Peacock was thrown out of the Tory Party following offensive remarks relating to the murder of the late Jo Cox MP.

However the errant councillor still insists that he will not resign his position even though the Standards Committee at the East Riding Council has asked him to go.

As a serving Councillor, he has the right to claim allowances amounting to thousands of pounds a year prompting further calls for him to resign.

Speaking today, Labour Party’s said;

“It’s a disgrace that this odious individual can carry on and draw up to £30,000 from the public purse.

“He has brought the Council and his role into disrepute. His continued presence bring shame to the people and town of .

“Those colleagues and individuals who have given him their support need to examine their consciences.
Sympathy for the man would suggest sympathy for his opinions.”

He went on,

“He was elected as a Tory councillor. Even the Tories have been so ashamed at his conduct that they’ve thrown him out of the Party.”

“If he has so much support he should have the courage of his convictions. He should resign, stand as
an Independent and ask people to vote for him.”

“However courage isn’t in his vocabulary so I doubt that will happen.”

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  1. If peacock has the support he claims, he should resign force a by-election and stand as an Independent.

    It really is that simple

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