East Riding Leisure Beverley To Host 100 Strong Bodypump Class

East Riding Leisure Beverley To Host 100 Strong Bodypump Class
To Host 100 Strong Bodypump Class

One million exercise fans are expected to take part in the world’s biggest workout on 14 January 2017, to celebrate the 100th release of Les Mills Bodypump ™.

will celebrate the release by hosting a 100-strong Bodypump class on 14 January.

Members are invited to attend this session from 9am -10am, which can be booked in advance, followed by two more Les Mills classes (Body Combat at 10.15am and Body Balance at 11.30 am) and a Bodypump class open to all from 1-2pm.

There will also be events at other Centres to mark the 100th release. 

The Bodypump workout sees four updated and musically refreshed versions released every year, and release 100 in January will mark 25 years of revolutionising the group fitness market.

Bodypump is now in partnership with Reebok, aiming to create life-changing fitness experiences for consumers worldwide.

The combination of contemporary music, exercise techniques and physical results that can be quickly observed has been the key to the workout’s appeal across the generations.

David Johnston, assistant leisure services manager, said:

is one of 15,000 licensed gyms across the world which host this workout, and I am sure that lots of will want to come along and join in on 14 January.”

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