New Year, New Career : Bishop Burton College Launch New Sports Degrees

New Year, New Career : Bishop Burton College Launch New Sports Degrees
New Year, New Career : Launch New Sports Degrees

An East Yorkshire College has launched two new sports degrees to help develop a workforce capable of improving ’s health and wellbeing.

has announced the new foundation degree and degree in , Exercise, Science and Health, starting in September.

The degrees have been specifically tailored towards those students who want to pursue a career in the sports exercise industries, including as gym instructors and managers, personal trainers, coaches and trainers.

Students will study a range of modules, including nutrition, health screening, psychology, coaching and physical training.

Danny Brett, Curriculum and Learning Manager for at the College, said: “These new degrees will give students the skills they need to build a successful career in a competitive and rewarding industry.

“As a college, we recognise that the sports sector is changing and we want our courses to reflect these changes to ensure our students are among the most employable in the country.

“In deciding on this new degree and foundation degree we have undertaken a range of research, including speaking with existing and former students and employers in the sector, and meeting regularly with our university partner, the University of . This is alongside the market research completed in relation to what existing sports degrees are on offer locally, regionally and nationally.

“All this has meant that we believe our degree options are best placed to provide a high quality experience that will give our students the opportunities they deserve.”

The College, which runs its own commercial gym on campus, also has a range of further education sports courses for school-leavers, as well as a 20-week evening class in Fitness and Gym Instruction. As the home of both the City Academy and the City of Academy, it is the perfect place to launch a career in .

Mr Brett said: “Studying at Bishop Burton comes with a range of benefits, none more so than its reputation as a leader and centre of excellence in the field of . With that comes the vast array of partners from the sports industry, including professional and clubs.

“These excellent links are also matched by the expertise of the staff, all of whom have worked in the sector in a variety of roles. This experience and knowledge is central to our sports degree offer.

“Underpinning all of this is the first-class campus and facilities. These speak for themselves and any student who sees these would agree, I am sure.”

Nick Wilmot, Higher Education Programme Leader for at the College, said the new degrees had also been heavily influenced by government strategies to improve the health of the nation.

“National concerns regarding insufficient levels of physical activity and unhealthy dietary regimes are a key priority for education. In addition, the links between sport, health and exercise are well established,” he said.

“In response to government strategies to increase the health of the nation and to develop a workforce to spearhead this, the College has launched this provision to include a health focus to underpin the existing sport provision.”

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