Jacob’s Well Set Sights On Raising Funds To Complete Hospital Project

Jacob's Well Set Sights On Raising Funds To Complete Hospital Project Jacob's Well Set Sights On Raising Funds To Complete Hospital Project

Jacob’s Well is appealing for funds to help complete a brand new operating theatre with a surgical and a maternity ward.

Construction on the new hospital began a couple of years ago, but had to stop because funds ran out. The hospital leaders estimate that it will cost around £30,000 to complete the hospital.

“If we can raise the money to finish this hospital,” says Rev. John Beynon, “dozens of lives will be saved each month. At the moment, the maternity department is one small room, like an average sized bedroom.”

“It is unbelievable to see several women giving birth at the same time, lying on mats on the floor almost touching each other. At least a doctor and mid-wife are present.”

“However, the new maternity ward will have 30 beds, which will give the women a completely different experience. £30,000 seems like a lot of money, but if every person in my home town of gave just £1, we would have all the money that we need.”

“I encourage everyone who is moved by the plight of these people to give whatever they can to help.”

The appeal comes following a recent visit by Rev. John Beynon to West Africa visiting a project called “The Village of Hope” where he saw firsthand how the aid that local people give makes a massive difference.

Students have been learning skills that will help them in adult life, skills included using sewing machines that Jacob’s Well has sent out, to turn old curtains from to make uniforms.

This year the school hopes to open two new departments, one that teaches cookery, the other a technical college, teaching woodwork, metal work and car mechanics.

John said;

“It is amazing to see how things that would otherwise be discarded and put in our landfill sites can completely change the lives of people in Africa. The children sit on chairs at desks that used to be in East Riding schools.”

“The few computers they use, the sports equipment they have, even the plates that they eat off were given by schools in our area. We do not realise what a big difference we can make, if we just try and do a little bit to help.”

The new hospital is attempting to give free health care to those who can’t afford to go anywhere else. Doctors take clinics in their spare time with no salary.

Jacob’s Well has been supporting this hospital for the past couple of years by sending medicines and invaluable equipment such as an ultra sound machine and a heart monitor.

An aid charity that has been sending medical and humanitarian aid overseas since 1982, Jacob’s Well Appeal is now hoping to help raise the money needed to finish the hospital.

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