I first came to the area in 1989. I met my wife, Alison, here, when we were members of the Theatre Company in the early 90s, and together we’re raising our daughter, Melanie here.

I have a business background in manufacturing, and professionally I work for the Institution of Mechanical Engineers where I’ve spent years helping engineering apprentices and professional engineers improve their skills and get on in life.

Outside work I am a school governor and a member of my local church council.

When I’m not working or campaigning, I enjoy running, and learning the piano. I am currently practising for my Grade 3 piano exam.

For too long, people in have felt that the Council is ignoring them. A Conservative councillor in recently said that they will continue to build houses here “whether people like it or not.” They are just not listening to residents. So many people have told me how they never hear from their councillors – even at election time.

I’m determined to change that.

I believe that local councillors should be in touch all year round, consulting local people – and chasing up problems and concerns.

You’ve seen how hard I’ve worked in this election campaign. If you choose me as your new councillor, I’m committed to keeping up that level of service – all year round, not just when there’s an election.

I pledge to;

• Keep in touch all year round with regular surveys to ask and newsletters to report back
• Publish phone and e mail contact details – so that residents can always get in touch
• Knock on doors all year round, not just at election time, to find out what matters to you
• Hold regular advice surgeries for you to bring up local issues for me to tackle

I will stand up for this community. I will ask on the things that matter, as I have been doing, and I will make your voice heard in County Hall.

The Conservatives take it for granted that they will win in – they’ve hardly even bothered to campaign to get your support. They already have 72% of the councillors at County Hall – one more won’t make any difference, and with ’s Labour in disarray fighting amongst themselves, I’m the one candidate that can stop the Conservatives here.

It’s time for a change, and I can provide it with your support.

Thank You

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