Different Outlook Gives LTP The Edge In UK’s Transport Fast Lane

Different Outlook Gives LTP The Edge In UK’s Transport Fast Lane

One of the UK’s leading independent transport practices is celebrating more success around the country.
, East Yorkshire-based Local Transport Projects (LTP) has won important contracts in Northern Ireland and at the same time as successfully completing another in the capital.

Established in 2004, LTP provides transport planning, traffic engineering and highway design services to local government, developers, health providers and the education sector.

The company has recently begun work for Fermanagh & Omagh District Council on developing a high quality 4km cycle route in Enniskillen, working with council officers and other local stakeholders over a three-month period.

, LTP director, said:

“We’re looking at how to include the best possible options on linking a large new college development to Enniskillen town centre, including cycle paths, quiet streets, off road routes and taking into consideration high quality surfaces and cyclists’ likely destinations.”

In , LTP is in the middle of the transport planning and highway design for a primary schools extension programme for the Borough of Hillingdon. This is for three primary schools in Hillingdon: Newnham Infant and Junior School, Hillside Infant and Junior School and Warrander Primary School.

LTP has also just put the finishing touches to a year-long project to produce a Motorcycle Highway Design Guide for Transport for which sets out the key highway design requirements for motorcycle safety in .

are a unique road user group which, for a variety of reasons, are at higher risk of being involved in a collision,” added Mr Mayo, who authored the report and covered key highway design issues for such as visibility, grip, road-side features, traffic calming and filtering.

Part of the contract has required LTP to provide motorcycle-related highway design training to transport technical staff managing the operation and design of highways at Transport for and the Londonboroughs.

These contracts build on an extensive back catalogue of UK-wide traffic engineering and transport planning contracts including, among many others, Sustrans’ Quietways project for Transport for and the Welsh Government’s guidance on cycle network design.

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Recent local LTP projects include: the transport assessment, highway design and work place plan for RB’s new £105m research and development centre of excellence in ; highway design for Wykeland’s new £120m retail, residential, leisure and office facilities in and a highways assessment and plan for the University of ’s new campus redevelopment.

The latest successes come as LTP hosted an industry open day for 100 guests and customers at its new Grade A, 2,200 sq ft offices home at Armstrong House in ’s development overlooking Minster.

Tony Kirby, LTP director, said: “These contracts and our new customers are part of our ongoing success and the continued growth which has seen us move into these new, larger offices.

“At the heart of that strong performance are Local Transport Project’s guarantees showing how we approach each and every job, such as being competent, effective, expert, honest, involved, knowledgeable, open and transparent while giving excellent value.

“The LTP team are central to these guarantees: competent, highly qualified staff supported by investment in professional development. That’s a virtuous circle of investment benefitting both the company and our customers.

“All of which adds up to a refreshingly different, no nonsense outlook that is as first class as the view from the windows of our new home.”

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