New Ladies Accessories Shop To Open In Wednesday Market

New Ladies Accessories Shop To Open In Wednesday Market

Ladies fashion retailer are set to open their second in as the independent business looks to expand into East Yorkshire.

Owned by husband and wife Sue and Ian Ramsay sell like leather and synthetic handbags, scarves, , purses, umbrellas as well as many other ladies gift items from their store in , South Yorkshire.

Having enjoyed four years of successful trading the couple say that after looking for a location they selected for their second shop as it is a thriving Market Town.

Speaking to about their new shop Mr. Ramsay said;

“After about 2 years of research we settled on as the location for our second store. We had hoped to buy a property though none were available but we managed to secure a unit at a reasonable rent.”

is thriving market town and we think that being located at gives us a good footfall.”

A Yorkshireman, Mr. Ramsay says that he knows that people from Yorkshire demand value for money, he said;

“We keep our prices as low as possible to encourage people to purchase from us on a regular basis, and this has worked with our current shop in .”

“Yorkshire people are known for wanting value for money, and being Yorkshire born and bred I fully understand and have belief in that concept.”

“Our shop is colour coded so all black items are together, all red, all navy, all brown, all tan, plus whatever seasonal colours are currently in vogue.”

“We pride ourselves in having a large selection of styles and colours in the many and varied items that we stock.”

Work will begin next week to convert the unit with hoping to open their doors to the public by mid to late October.

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