Beverley Councillors Costs For 2015 / 2016 Released

Stephen Parnaby

Councillors in received a total of £143,312.11 in payments from for the 2015/2016 financial year.

In the report into payments it showed of the nine ward councillors Cllr OBE was the biggest earner pocketing total of £46,611.35 in last financial year, largely down to his role as leader of the council.

Every East Riding of Yorkshire Councillor received a basic allowance of £11,056 PA with a further ‘Special Allowance’ being paid to members who have to spend more time and effort in their roles than other members.

Cllr , Minster and Woodmansey and Rural are joint second in the list as they were both paid £20,584.17 while Cllr , Minster and Woodmansey is in third with £19,302.39 for 2015 / 2016.

Compared by ward, Councillors who were top of the list for payments were in the Rural with a total of £78,251.52 paid while councillors in St Mary’s Ward were paid the least.

Of the nine councillors only did not receive any additional allowances outside of his basic payment.

Payments Received Per Councillor in For 2015/2016

– Conservative Party – £46,611.35
– Conservative Party – £20,584.17
– Conservative Party – £20,584.17
– Conservative Party – £19,302.39
– Conservative Party – £15,123.76
Irene Charis – Conservative Party – £14,628.97
– Conservative Party – £14,432.02
– Independent – £14,148.28
– Conservative Party – £11,056

While further claims can be made for expenses and the figures quoted here have not taken those claims into consideration.

Of all the councillors who represent only four councillors put in a claim for allowance totalling £4,396.12 between them.

Leader of the council was again top of the list with £2,458.29 while claimed £1,273.16 in allowances.

Councillors elected to the receive less in basic allowance when compared to their colleagues in who are paid £12,608.04 around 14pc more.

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