Too Hot To Handle – Becky Briggs Continues Her Run Of Form At Burton Constable

Too Hot To Handle - Becky Briggs Continues Her Run Of Form At Burton

This Sunday saw the annual Burton Constable 10k and 2.75k races take place. The warm weather meant more work for the runners as they raced round the course.

The 10k course consists of 2 laps around the grounds of the house with the running surface ranging from tarmac road through to deep grass. The 2.75k race consisted of 1 lap. The final metres of both races brought you round to the front door of the house.

19 runners took on the 10k race, the field consisted of 201 runners. The first runner back was , placing 4th overall in a time of 37 minutes and 57 seconds.

continued her run of form, following her win at Walkington 10k on July 15th, she went on to win the Ladies race, in a time of 39 minutes and 41 seconds. She was over 4 minutes ahead of the second Lady.

After winning the Females champagne league on Tuesday, Fiona Oakes finished the race strongly, winning the Female Veterans 40 category. Completing the course in a time of 50 minutes 38 seconds.

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10k race: Lewis Holloway (37:57), Becky Briggs (39:41), Edward Lisney (41:12), Taylor Arnott (42:44), Curtis Arnott (43:47), Jonathan Dennison (44:15), Paul Clark (44:46), Greg Jackson (45:22), Eire Lavery (47:37), Fiona Oakes (50:38), Neil Sergeant (50:48), Dianne Coleman (53:48), Laura Duncan (55:07), Nicola Riley (59:16), Jordan Peacock (61:28), Lynne Stabler (62:49), Christine Whitehouse (63:22), Pam Atkins (64:07), Dayna Arnott (70:39)

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