Beverley Grammar School Innovate For The Future At Teentech

Beverley Grammar School Innovate For The Future At Teentech

A group of Year 8 Grammar School Design and pupils recently attended an annual TeenTech event at the Stadium.

The event was aimed at promoting careers in the Science, , Engineering and Maths (STEM) sectors. Pupils engaged with multiple STEM companies and undertook many different challenges including plotting coordinates for a project using laser survey equipment with Jackson Civil Engineers to wiring up and testing a working telephone with themselves.

Pupils were also challenged to invent a new electronic gadget for 2050 that would make life safer, better or more fun. The pupils were then asked to pitch their ideas to the group. Grammar School pupils won several awards including ‘Most surprising invention’.

Dan Bibbington, Head of D&T, said,

“It’s great for pupils to get out and see how Science and are used in the real world. Today’s solutions will not be suitable for the problems of tomorrow and we need to encourage pupils to be the innovators of the future. Educational trips like this are perfectly poised to spark pupil’s imaginations and they have fun in the process.”

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Oliver Abbott said of the event, “It was a very fun day. It was interesting learning more about how things work. I would definitely recommend it to later years.”

The event will run again next year for Year 8 pupils that show an interest in Design and .

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