Town Council Look To Make Tour de Yorkshire A Colourful Event

Beverley Town Council Look To Make Tour de Yorkshire A Colourful Event

outlined some of their ideas to make the a memorable event in the Town.

Members of the council all voted in favour of releasing funding to help purchase a range of items, including balloons, flags and plastic sheeting that will be used to decorate .

Taking place on the Friday 29 April will host the start of , an event that will put the town in the media spotlight while also attracting visitors to .

While not yet confirmed the Town council is hopeful that with the support of , they will look to decorate the in blue and yellow for the event.

Organisers of the have been actively encouraging businesses, schools and to get involved by creating ‘Land Art’ along the route of the race that will feature on the TV coverage.

Should plans to wrap the in the colours of the race come to fruition then it will certainly be a spectacular sight and create a big impact.

Other plan’s outline by the Town Council is included ideas for local schools to hold a non uniform day encouraging their pupils to dress in blue and yellow on the day of the event.

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Cllr who is leading the celebration plans for the event said the council are looking to decorate the town with support of other groups, including the Chamber of Trade who he said are already being very proactive.

Cllr Jack added that they are looking to help decorate the town without spending too much money which they hope to achieve by engaging with the schools and other local bodies.

After the ideas and plans were heard Cllr proposed that the Town Council allocated up to £1000 to be used which will come from the Queen’s Birthday budget.

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