Ogino Japanese Restaurant

Ogino Japanese Restaurant

Ogino is owned and managed by husband and wife team Julian & Rieko Ogino-Stamford and they bring authentic, fine-dining modern Japanese culinary experience to the historic market town of .

The menu, is diverse and imaginative delivering a full food experience that’s not only creative, but also presents an array of complex and exquisite flavours.

Modern Japanese cooking using local Yorkshire produce has proved to be a real winning formula.

The menu naturally consists of beautiful sushi, but also offers an extensive choice of fresh cooked fish and shellfish, meats including beef and pork, poultry such as chicken and duck.

There are many healthy options, special dishes and an extensive selection of vegetarian and Gluten free dishes available.

1st Floor, Beaver House, Butcher Row, , 0AA | 01482 679500


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