BEVERLEY : Warning Burglars Using Unlocked Back Doors

Humberside Police

Burglar tried back doors in , finding two unlocked doors and taking mobile phones, whilst householders where in other rooms in the house.

At 9pm on Thursday December 10, 2015 a man was seen running out of the back door of a house on St. Leonards Road in after being spotted by the homeowner. Nothing was believed to have been taken, however the intruder did enter the house via an unlocked back door.

The following evening, a house on the next road was burgled. At 6.45pm on Friday December 11, 2015 a house on Hill Crest Drive was entered via another unlocked back door and two mobile phones taken from the kitchen.

The thief was disturbed by the homeowner, who saw a man fleeing out of the kitchen door, making good his escape.

With the houses in relatively close proximity to one another, it is a fair assumption numerous doors, back doors and gates to gardens will have been tried, looking for a house which has left easy access, so no finger prints or force needs to be used to gain entry.

Especially at this time of year, when presents are likely to be under trees and more money is being spent and withdrawn, we need people to be careful of their home security and always ensure windows and doors are locked, when leaving the room (even if it is just for a moment).

By the nature of a burglar, they are very good at being sneaky, with it literally only taking a few seconds for a thief to open an unlocked door, find something of value and flee, leaving no DNA evidence, no noise or mark to link them to the theft.

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Burglars would always prefer to enter a house via an unlocked door, so they do not have to carry tools to break into anywhere, it is silent and leaves little evidence for the police to work with.

The best security advice for this type of burglary is where possible try to lock doors and windows, when not in the room.

If anyone can provide any information with regards to the two burglaries, believe they may have seen a person on Thursday and/or Friday evening acting suspiciously in the area or suspect your property was approached, please contact on 101, quoting crime reference number CS/2156740/2015.

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