The Westwood Troll : New Children’s Book To Be Released

The Westwood Troll : New Children’s Book To Be Released

Local author will publish her third book, The Troll at the end of October.

A children’s book it tells the story of the Troll who lives on the in a cave close to the Blackmill.

Marion who lives in and spent most of her career working in and education and she is passionate about children having access to good books and stories.

The Troll is suitable for children aged 2-7 who will be delighted by the spooky tale of the Troll.

It is said the Troll lurks in the bushes by the gate, that is where he lies in wait. When cars drive over the cattle grid the Troll gives a low ‘GROWL’ which frightens the children and makes them howl!

A fun, interactive story featuring beautiful colour illustrations, the story will encourage children to use their imagination and develop their language and thinking skills.

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The Troll, published by Austin Macauley, will be released on the 30th October 2015.

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