Beverley Minster Recruiting For Boys’ Choir

Beverley Minster Recruiting For Boys' Choir

boys choir is looking for more boys to replace those whose voices have changed over the summer.

“It’s the same challenge every year,” said Minster Director of Music . “We need a regular input of new singers because we always lose younger ones as their voices break, and older ones as they go on to university. We’ve had marvellous choirs for the last few years and we all want to maintain and raise standards even further if we can.”

Members of the boys choir are paid £80 a year, plus more for . There are also different social events organised as well as opportunities to take part in and recordings. In 2016 the choir will also be going on tour in Germany.

“It’s a great experience for anyone who enjoys singing and music,” said Robert. “The boys choir has been part of the musical life of since its very first days. Being part of the choir is a fantastic opportunity to be part of this amazing history as well as being a member of a happy and dedicated team of choristers.”

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No previous singing or musical training is necessary although an ability to read well is useful.
The choirboys rehearse and perform most Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays during term time. Currently there are no vacancies in the girls’ choir.

For further information contact , director of music, on 01482 868540 or email

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