Two Defibrillators Installed on Swinemoor

Two Defibrillators Installed on Swinemoor Two Defibrillators Installed on Swinemoor

Two new defibrillators have been installed on the Swinemoor Estate in .

Funded by the efforts of the community as a whole, the two new defibrillators which have been installed at the and by the local shops will now hopefully help save lives of people in the area.

Rose Willoughby has been instrumental in driving the project forward to raise the money needed to purchase the defibrillators and she was delighted to finally see them installed.

Speaking to Rose said:

“This been a great effort by everybody in the community. Every single person has contributed to help raise the money needed to purchase these defibrillators.”

“There are a lot of people on the estate who have problems with their heart so having these could well make the difference and save someone’s life.”

Some of the committee members and staff at the have been to St Mary’s Church where they have attended the HeartStart course. The class teaches people how to use the defibrillator and other life saving skills.

After raising the money additional funding was provided by the Smile Foundation. With some cash left in the pot it will be possible to maintain the defibrillators and also purchase the required signage.

Rose added;

“None of this would have been possible without the help of the community, charities, some local businesses and individual donors.”

“We would like to thank Alan from the Humber keel, he hosted a brilliant function night for us with Annette Cone and Ian Bass who were both fantastic providing the entertainment.”

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“That night was really well supported by the community. People made buns and everyone who came bought them. We also had a raffle with lots of really nice prizes that people donated.”

“Some of the money raised came from a number of anonymous donors. There was a sizeable donation from the charity RAOB. We also really want to thank Tesco for allowing us to collect in their store.”

“My only fear is now we have the defibrillators is somebody vandalises them. It is really important that everybody in our community understands how vital this equipment is and that any one of us or our loved ones may need it some day.”

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