Online Access At Beverley Jobcentre Has Positive Impact On Local Community

Online Access At Beverley Jobcentre Has Positive Impact On Local Community

An event held at Job Centre to encourage to get online has received praise from the local for the positive impact is having on the community.

Mr. Stuart was at the Jobcentre to see first-hand the efforts staff and volunteers are putting in to help get more up to speed with using computers and the Internet.

Two of those volunteers are graduates who despite finishing higher education are still yet to find suitable .

Rather than sit about Nick Burdall and Alex Ewart are using their knowledge of computers to teach others how to get around the Internet, and it seems it is having a really positive effect locally.

The dynamic pair provide 1-2-1 assistance to customers at the Job Centre walking them through the very basics from operating a mouse right through to using a computer to search for opportunities.

Nick, who is volunteering to help others while looking for work said;

“We take everything back to basics. We show how to set up an email account and how to use the web-based application Universal Jobmatch to look for work.”

“Some of the we meet have very little, if any IT skills but by sitting with them we can soon get them up to speed teaching them important basic IT Skills.”

Suzanne Edwards-Vidal from Jobcentre says there are millions of people in the UK who are not even online, and as a result are missing out on the countless opportunities there are online, she said;

“In today’s labour market it is vital to raise awareness about the benefits of being online and how digital inclusion can vastly improve a person’s job prospects.”

“Our aim at the Jobcentre is to provide easy access to digital services, including free WiFi, so people can access information about jobs, training and the support available to get them back into work as soon as possible.”

One such customer is Keith Moody, who was made redundant in December, he told .net;

“I have worked all my life. I was in my most-recent job for nine years. My employer lost the contract to another company, so they had to make cuts. It was a case of last in first out, so I had to go.”

“At the moment, I am being retrained by in . Even when I am there they make sure I have time each day to get online and look for work.”

Just how much of an impact this is having on the local market is hard to grasp. However, Jo Ramsey from the does give some insight into the impact it is making.

A local front line service the is the first place many claimants turn to when they are sanctioned, which effectively means having your benefits stopped.

Jo says that since the efforts of the Jobcenter  to get people online they have seen a decline in the number of people coming through their doors looking for advice, from 3 or 4 a day to just 2 a week.

Jo told .net;

“The is working together with the Jobcentre. Our aim is to provide a holistic service which better meets the needs of people who find themselves out of work for whatever reason.”

“We offer support to individuals who are navigating through the maze of benefits, enabling them to access the correct service/ benefits. Our main goal is to make the benefit process as stress free as possible.”

Commenting on his visit, Graham said;

“The session wasn’t just about using a computer to make benefit claims or apply for jobs, there was a genuine interest in improving the skills and employability of those searching for work.”

“I’m really pleased to see Jobcentre has taken this initiative to help people get online; it was great to see jobseekers at the session, working hard to get themselves back into .”


“I applaud the jobcentre for their initiatives to prevent the lack of IT facilities becoming a barrier to and training.”

“I hope this helps Beverley’s residents in searching online for jobs and becoming Internet savvy. I am delighted to have been able to support this event.”

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