V-Day : The Vagina Monologues @ ERT

V-Day : The Vagina Monologues @ ERT

A packed house for two nights running at , V-Day : The Vagina Monologues proved to be a massive hit this week in Beverley.

produced a benefit performance of The Vagina Monologues with all proceeds going to Hull Rape Crisis.

Director, said;
“I’m so proud of what we achieved the last two nights. Both dates were sold out and the audience were so wonderfully responsive.”

“Seeing a few more men in the audience last night was encouraging as well and if we were to put it on again I think I would try and reach out to more men to come and watch.”

“We need them to strive to end violence towards women alongside us to make the fight stronger.”

“I think we will have raised a fantastic amount for Hull Rape Crisis and I look forward to presenting with the cheque.”

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