Former DJ’s Book Provides Window Into The Life Of Iconic Beverley Venue

Former DJ’s Book Provides Window Into The Life Of Iconic Beverley Venue

A former resident DJ from the Night Club is set to launch a new book 79 years to the day that The cinema, café restaurant and ballroom opened for business in 1935.

No longer spinning the tunes, Simon a self-employer  joiner has put together a  hardback book that has over 260 pages with more than 1,800 images charting the iconic venue’s history.

Speaking about the book, Simon said;

“The was a fine example of 1930s Art-Deco  style architecture and used to be on the corner of and Norwood before it was demolished.”

“This book chronicles the seven decades that the building was operational as the main source of entertainment for many local people here in .”

It would be fair to say that over the years that the and the nights held there it was a breading ground for romance some of which may have lasted the test of time and still remain in place today.

While those romances live on The is a thing of the past and has long since been replaced with a housing development.

Simon’s book acts as window giving people a chance to look back on those fond times. Next month, people will get their first chance to take a look through that window, and peer back into their past.

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Exhibition At Treasure House To Feature Stunning Images

Simon said;

“In the on 2nd November, the date The Regal was first opened some 79 years ago I will be holding a special night and the book will be officially launched. During the night I will be happy to speak to people and also take orders.”

Although the book may not smash any global book sales records, priced at just £25 it is sure to feature of many Christmas lists this year and must-have for many residents in .

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