20th Soccer School For Latimer Church

20th Soccer School for Latimer Church.

In just a few weeks time the 20th soccer school run by Latimer Congregational Church on will be taking place.

Last year over 100 young were involved in this four day event, some of them having come for many years. In fact such is the enthusiasm for the event that families often book their summer holidays around it, and young come from Hull – or even in some cases from the Midlands!

Organisers of the event said;

“Out of all the weeks of the year, soccer school is the best. Every year we look forward to soccer school and we are always disappointed when it comes to an end.”

“The best bit of the week is the last day, there are three skill to win and you could win the world cup as well.”

“Yes we have our own world cup competition! The youngsters are put in teams, given some coaching and practice matches, all in preparation for the competition on the last day.”

There may be thrills and excitement, tears and joy in Brazil, but we have it all on the St Nicholas playing field! It’s not all serious, however, as we have fun games and a daily joke competition.

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The soccer school is open to boys and girls aged 7 to 14, and the dates are 22nd to 25th July, 9.00 to 3.30 each day.

The team of 22 coaches includes a mixture of experience and – all covered by a child protection policy.

skills are taught with an emphasis on sportsmanship and building character based on God’s word, the Bible.

For more information and application forms please contact the coordinator at 193 , , 0ET (Tel: 01482 862829; email: harrisons@hotmail.com).


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