Fit Councillors Support Heart Campaign

Fit Councillors Support Heart Campaign

Not a question but the team name given to five East Riding of Yorkshire Councillors who have joined ERYC staff members in their support of ’s Heart Town and the work done by The .

The team Captain is Cllr Chair of and Rural Community Partnership and he said;

“The partnership continues to support the whenever and wherever it can so when the chance came to put together a team.”

“It seemed sensible to contact my colleagues at County Hall, Cllrs , , and have all joined the cause and are watching and counting their steps.”

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  1. ‘Fit councillors’ is that a joke? Three of the four are overweight, really good role models for healthy hearts right there!

  2. Sorry Laura but yes the name is a joke and being thin doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed a healthy heart, keep being positive and supporting others though….

  3. I have a mother with a heart problem and am aware of the risks. Also I do think it is good to support the cause but perhaps some advice as to how people can keep their heart healthy or maybe events promoting healthy eating and exercise. Just a suggestion, have a nice weekend!

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