Beverley Continues To Build Links With Japan

Takaoka Beverley Visit 2014

, Cllr hosted a reception at to exchange gifts with a party of young Japanese Students from Takaoka and their escorts.

Takaoka, to the north west of Osaka, has a long of friendship with , first visiting in 2000 during Cllr Neville Holgate’s mayoralty. Several Groups have since made home-stay visits hosted by willing families in .

All the girls attended and met “buddies” who helped them through the school timetable. The six girls also made visits to York, and Leeds as well as enjoying ’s unique charms. The two adult representatives of Takaoka Council similarly enjoyed at the , a fund raising race night and a traditional pub quiz.

Despite adverse weather, a farewell bonfire party was well attended and highlighted the warmth of relationships established during their weeklong visit. Having filled their luggage allowance to capacity with shopping and gifts to take home, the group flew out from on Thursday morning to a chorus of Sayonaras!

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