Festival Sees Partnerships And Collaborations As Key To Success

Festival Sees Partnerships And Collaborations As Key To Success

The is looking to have one of its most successful events ever this June and part of that, says Artistic Director Chris Wade “is due to the strong partnerships we have developed with other local arts organisations. Over the past two years we have worked closely with other festivals, arts venues and organisations in the East Riding and surrounding area, to form a network of partners. We meet several times a year to share ideas and resources and offer support for each other. In these times of austerity and cuts in the Arts, we have found it very beneficial”.

This year’s Festival is already showing the benefits of the partnerships, with possibly the strongest programme it has ever had of , plus additional activities including film , organised by its partners the Film Society, comedy supported by Arts Centre, Poetry and Literature involving recent collaborations with the York and Literature Festivals and a extensive programme of events for young and children involving local schools, colleges and youth groups.

For the first time, the festival has also gained the support of the popular Hull venue, Fruit, which is sponsoring its Concert and Dance Stage. It will also be developing further its links with the new , which aims to open its doors to the public later this year.

Chris Wade said” I am really excited about these new collaborations. They have given us an amazing programme of top quality artists with a broad appeal to all tastes and ages. The festival wants to give everyone an all round experience that they will take with them for the rest of the year – and hopefully come back next year!

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We are offering the opportunity to get involved in the activities also, through workshops and participatory sessions as well as coming along as volunteers and helping to make the festival weekend a success. The support of local businesses has been key to enabling the festival to develop and this year Racecourse has been one of the keys to this. Other local businesses include Wold Top Brewery who supply much of our Real Ale and CBA accountants who are sponsoring our event.

The local is proving the festival with Tee shirts and supporting some of the new youth events. With the move to the racecourse we have also laid on a shuttle bus which will run continually throughout the weekend between the site and the town. Local company Acklams has offered to provide this service. Such support from local companies is fantastic and we are really grateful and welcome others to become partners with us.”

Tickets for the 2013 festival are already selling faster than expected with sell out predicted. Weekend Season tickets enable purchasers to take in all elements of the festival over the weekend, moving from one event to another at will. Day tickets are similar for specific days, with Single Event tickets on offer to those with limited time to spend at the event. Surely a must for everyone, to come along and experience the biggest event at the racecourse this year!

For further information on the festival go to the festival’s website www.beverleyfestival.com or by call the office on 01377 217569.

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