Alan Dale Voices His Concerns Over New Homes

Whatever happened to we will not build inside the by-pass if the government pays for the road?

That is the question being asked by resident .

Mr Dale is very concerned about the new development that currently proposes hundreds of new houses are to be built to the south of around .

He fears that who enjoy dog walking and down this Lane and enjoy the lovely views of , and all the varied wildlife will lose this forever when the bull dozers move in.

Mr Dale has grave concerns for the likes of the Water voles and newts that have already had their habitats disturbed by all the machinery to the side of Willow Lane when they flattened the field into oblivion.

He told;

“Why aren’t these protected species being considered and what about the birds, the deer and foxes they all have a right to roam here.”

“Our green fields and spaces and the wildlife they contain are so undervalued especially where a financial gain is concerned.”

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“Everyone who lives in needs to let this council know that we love our market town and its surroundings, and we will not stand by and see it destroyed.”

“If you do not like green fields and open space to breathe in, then move!”

Anyone wishing to voice their concerns about the development has until Friday 5th April and can do so by emailing

Alan Dale Voices His Concerns Over New Homes  Alan Dale Voices His Concerns Over New Homes

Alan Dale Voices His Concerns Over New Homes

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  1. I have been noting water vole sightings along Willow Lane and Long Lane and share all of Alan’s views. The scale of development must be reviewed – we have a voice, is no one listening. What about the lauded notion of localism?

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