Spend A Night Sleeping Rough & Help Young Homeless People

Spend A Night Sleeping Rough & Help Young Homeless People

is an annual charity event organised by the YMCA to raise awareness about the issue of homelessness, and to raise funds to support young living in poverty and at risk of homelessness. Members of the public sleep rough for one night -Friday 1st February – raising funds as they do so.

Across the UK, and locally, homelessness services are experiencing an increase in demand for the support they offer. It has been widely reported that homelessness in England has increased by about a fifth in the last year. Families are struggling to pay their household fuel bills, rent and .

Many have lost their jobs, and new opportunities are very scarce. These are very difficult times. The YMCA and our partners in the area are particularly concerned about prospects for our young , especially those that have few qualifications and little or no work experience – these are the young , perhaps, most likely to be living in poverty and at greatest risk of homelessness.

For this year’s event, the Humber Region YMCA has partnered with other East Riding organisations – Community Church and St Mark’s Church . Together these partners are exploring how funds raised by can be used locally
to strengthen vital work with rough sleepers and young at risk of homelessness.

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We now need the support of in the East Riding of Yorkshire to make this event a success.This is a great opportunity to make a difference to some disadvantaged young in the year ahead. We are particularly grateful, in , to have the support of King’s Church , who are providing the venue for participating rough sleepers for the .

can now register to take part in this challenging, but entertaining, charity fundraiser by visiting the website:


On the night rough sleepers have to make their own shelters out of cardboard, receive refreshments from the ‘Soup Kitchen’. Yes, people are cold and uncomfortable, but they get a real taste of what it’s like to have to live on the streets.
There’s also a great community atmosphere at the event, as people help each other to build their shelters and have fun.

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