SOS Save Our Setts: Second Protest To Be Held 6th January

Thanks to everybody for the tremendous support that we had at our SOS march on Saturday, 22nd December.

For those who think that campaigning does not make a difference then we can tell you that it does.

The developers at Longcroft have shelved their scheme and the have made contact and asked for a meeting with the Civic Society on the 7th January to talk about the setts.

Our research shows, despite ’s publicity, that the setts, curbs & gullies date back to circa 1829 and that in 1980 the original setts were exposed with some additions bought in for repair.

A short illustrated report by can be viewed on our website

But now we HAVE to maintain the momentum. The bulldozers are due to move in on the 14th January 2013 and we MUST send a clear message to  in advance of the meeting on the 7th Jan.

Therefore we are calling on all our supporters to rally to the cause and attend another march on SUNDAY 6TH JANUARY 2013. Please be at for 10:45am.

We will start the march with a perambulation around , then down to the council offices where we will hand in an updated petition (now nearing 800 supporters). Please forward this message to as many as possible, all are welcome  children in particular, please bring your own banner if you so wish!

The SOS campaign is not our only concern; a decision on the sale of the Grovehill site for retail is to be made in mid January, the long term situation at Longcroft remains uncertain and excessive housing proposed to the north and south of will overshadow the town if it isn’t challenged.

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Decisions about the future of our town are made by a cabinet of 10 councillors non of whom live in and we need to challenge inappropriate and poor decision making NOW. For this we will need your further help and involvement.

Your councillor’s names and addresses are on the  website and will be posted on the Action website.

It is imperative we let the council members know that the residents of this town HAVE A RIGHT to be consulted FULLY on their future. Write, kick up a fuss and make your feelings clear, there is a high degree of urgency.

Please log onto our website to follow developments and follow the links. Thanks again to everyone, let’s hope for a dry day next Sunday! We must do all we can to protect our beautiful, unique and historic town of .

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  1. Great isn’t? Remove some cobbles and the middle classes get uppity. See thousands die in Syria and they couldn’t care less as it doesn’t affect them. Not to say I don’t agree with the cobbles being saved, but it shows what priorities people have

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