O’Brians Fruit And Vegetables Welcome Children From St Mary’s

Students at St Mary’s Primary School visited local green grocers in Molescroft last week as they continue to learn about our ‘Wonderful World’ and what we grow and produce.

The children, armed with a list of vegetables to visited the shop to purchase the to make tummy warming soup for there lunch.

Youngsters and staff had great fun in the shop whilst learning the difference between a swede and a cauliflower!

As part of the the visit they also watched how items were weighed and worked out how much was owed for their shopping.

Assistant Headteacher said;

“We wanted to support one of our Local Businesses ‘Fruitiers’ so we had an educational visit to the shop.”

“While there we purchase some produce so that back at school we could make a delicious warming vegetable soup, Yummy!”

Kieran O’Brian who recently took over the shop said;

“It was a excellent morning and even regular shoppers smiled watching the local kids enjoy learning about the different fruit and vegetables.”

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“As we all know we should all be looking to have our 5 a day and learning from such a young age must only be a positive experience.”

When asked about how things are going since he took over Kieran said;

“It’s been fantastic, had such positive comments since taking over. At the moment processing ’s  orders of fruit, vegetables and meat most of which is produced locally.”

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