The Best Big Vans For Small Businesses

Few things are as exciting, or as daunting, as starting a new business. Hundreds of decisions need to be made from securing capital to recruiting employees and leasing premises.

Some small businesses also need to think about suitable vehicles to help them run their trade. Painters, plumbers and catering businesses, for example, will need some sort of van for transporting and storing their equipment. For these, the big van model, offered by several vehicle manufacturers, is probably the best choice.

Listed below are some of the best models of this type of vehicle on the market at the moment:

The Toyota Hiace Minivan is the largest panel van offered byToyota. In terms of economy, its purchase price is a bit lower than that of its rivals, which makes it a good choice for small and startup businesses when cash flow is tight. The range received some revisions to its engines and visual modifications in 2007 to give it a more modern feel. They are also available in fridge and freezer versions for meat and other cold product storage.

The Ford Transit Leader is a panel van that is based on a family car chassis. Its body is rigid and it has no rear windows. These are big vans that are suitable for carrying heavy equipment loads or workers to job sites, making them perfect for work involving plumbing or light construction. They are the largest-size of van available but smaller than lorries or trucks. Price generally comes in below the £12,000 mark, which tends to make the van popular among small businesses.

The Renault Trafic Van has five cubic metres of cargo space in the standard version, with up to eight cubic metres in its high-roof derivative. Loading and unloading is made easy by its low-level position.

It also has anti-tamper locks, remote central locking and an immobiliser as standard or included in the purchase price. Their long service intervals and cheap insurance also make them a good choice for small business owners. They’re good value for money and offer size and a class of features that are in range with their competitors.

For the business person just starting out, choosing a vehicle that’s affordable and reliable is a priority, whether you’re adding to an existing fleet of vehicles or replacing an older model. Read up on how to select the best van for your business according to best-practise criteria.

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