Why Holidaying Off-Season Makes Sense

We’ve all thought about taking our summer holidays in the darker months to enjoy the benefits of heading away off-season. As we prepare for the harshness of British winter, perhaps now is the best time to put our dreamed-about plans in motion.

If you spent your summer in Britain this year then your memory of what the sun on your back feels like is probably a little foggy. With bargain prices, last-minute deals and a reduced number of tourists, winter is the perfect time to become reacquainted with the sun. Between holidays in Spain, Egypt and Turkey, there’s a perfect winter break destination out there for everyone.

While temperatures in parts of Spain don’t differ that significantly from our own in the colder months, the likes of Tenerife offer a warm respite.

Between October and November, the average temperature on the island is around 24 degrees. That means plenty of relaxation, unless the lure of the island’s National Park and rugged volcanic landscape proves too much. Great for hiking, but even better for idling by the pool or on the beach, Tenerife is the perfect winter bolt-hole, and with duty free prices it’s great value for money too.

If you’re after real hot heat, Spain’s comfortable climes might not score high enough on the mercury scale for you. However, Egypt will.

Holidays to Egypt are gaining in popularity, and the resorts of the Red Sea Riviera are among the favoured destinations for British holidaymakers. A lazy week in Sharm el Sheikh or Taba is likely to include plenty of snorkeling, scuba diving and sunbathing. Should you wish to explore, there’s also plenty of culture to discover. During winter, the great all-inclusive deals available mean that a luxury Egyptian getaway can be the early Christmas present you always wanted.

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Joining Spain in the UK’s top ten favourite holiday destinations is Turkey. With many flights costing under a hundred pounds, winter holidays to Turkey make perfect sense.

If there’s one thing that British expats know, it’s where to find the year round sun. This is why so many of them opt to stay in Antalya in Southern Turkey. In winter, this is the place to be. Think relatively empty beaches with warm seas and plenty of historical architecture to explore. The hotels are modern and some excellent all-inclusive deals mean you can top up your tan during the winter months at bargain prices.

If you’re looking for bargain last-minute deals, quieter attractions and fewer tourists, then try holidaying at a different time of year. You won’t be compromising on sun, sun and more sun.

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