Walking Bus Sends Clear Message To Motorists To Slow Down!

St Mary’s Primary School in Beverley held a giant Walking Bus this morning.

The entire school’s population was joined by guests who include the Mayor of Beverley Cllr , the Chairman of the Cllr Chad Chadwick and local community police officers.

Led by Cllr Chad Chadwick and Rev. the children, armed with banners and placards turned left and walked down creating quite a site while sending a clear message to motorists to ‘Slow Down.’

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  1. I’d like to suggest that they do the same thing around school pick up/drop off time when the parents/carers park on both sides of Woodhall Way creating a far greater hazard than any that comes from the normal road users. Perhaps they could use a walking bus to drop off and pick up their children rather than inconveniencing other road users with their inconsiderate parking.

  2. I wouldn’t call it parking myself. What is so annoying is that there are parking restrictions which have been put in place which are totally ignored as they are not enforced.

    Still to be fair 20mph should be a self imposed speed limit around schools anyway

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