Beverley Roundtable: Cooking @ Mirchi

The members of Beverley Roundtable were able to test their culinary skills when they met for an evening titled ‘Cooking @ Mirchi’.

The group who meet every other Tuesday evening, descended on Mirchi, Lairgate, which is famed around Beverley for its amazing authentic and cuisine, for a fantastic opportunity to cook what they ordered.

Joining the chefs in the kitchen to prepare your own special dish is a rare opportunity, but the guys took it all in their stride as they quickly learnt how to put together the complex flavours to create a taste extravaganza of their own choosing, with expert guidance and a few laughs along the way this had to be an evening to remember.

Beverley Round Table has played an active role in community life for over 60 years. Whilst meeting twice monthly, aim to give the members an opportunity to experience different and challenging activities, learn new skills, and socialise with a diverse group of individuals that come from all walks of life.

From comedy nights, to gliding, quad-bike racing to , Ghost walks to archery, all the activities are designed to be as inclusive as possible – and usually involve food & drink!

As well as supporting local charities, helping other groups, and running events such as charity casino nights, you get out, what you put in, and always welcome prospective new members.

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